Friday, May 22, 2009

Peek-a-boo and signing

A fun thing happened to us this week. My last post, I shared that I wasn't thrilled with the pattern of fabric on our new carseat, but we got it at a closeout price. Well, the company that I ordered the carseat from was out of that pattern, so they let me choose any pattern that I wanted. So I still got my first pick for the closeout price! The seat just came this afternoon, and we will be installing it into the van first thing in the morning. We are leaving tomorrow to visit friends in Pennsilvania, and since it is the longest trip Jonah has made in the car, it will be nice to have the new seat for him.

Here are some fun videos from this week. Jonah has been signing "all done" very consistently. Daryl isn't impressed. He says that Jonah doesn't do the sign properly (your supposed to flip your hands back and forth) but I say for a nine month old, he's got it pretty good. In this video, we had just finished putting sunblock on to go outside. He's waving his hands in the beginning because he had to sit still to put the lotion on, but you can see when he stops randomly waving his hands and when he does the sign. This is exciting for me, that he is finally doing this!!! I've been signing with him since the day he was born.

And here is a video of Jonah goofing off after bathtime


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