Monday, December 22, 2008

You better not pout!

We took the dog and Jonah to see Santa yesterday at Petsmart. It was the last day for Santa to be there, so it was yesterday or not at all. The temps were -5 without windchill and everytime I took a step my shoes froze to the ground a little bit. It was SO COLD. Petsmart uses pictures with Santa to raise money for their no-kill shelters, so I always contribute when I can. Paddington was terrified of Santa this year! He wasn't scared at all last year, and was giving him kisses in his picture. This year he tried to run away. We still got good pictures. Jonah LOVED Santa, on the other hand!!! He loved his beard. In the picture we got just of Jonah and Santa, Jonah is eating Santa's beard! His eyes got wide when he saw Santa, and he just made this face like "Wow, this guy is big and cuddly, and HE HAS A BEARD!!!! SWEET!" It was priceless.
Paddy was dressed as an elf, but wouldn't sit in Santa's lap so we could see the outfit. He was too scared, so Santa had to hold him like that from the front. I was a little sad, but I'd rather it be tat way than having him get loose in Petsmart!


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