Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finally, pictures!

We just got our first real bit of snow, and I thought some nice warm garden pictures would brighten the day! I finally got the pictures of our wedding site off the camera! We're both getting excited!

Here is the house that we rented for the day. It is on a plot of land that the gardens just bought. We have the entire house and grounds for the day! This is the front entrance.

Weather permitting, the ceremony will be on the side patio. We're really counting on the weather to cooperate for the entire day!!!!
This is looking out from the side patio (facing away from the house)

There will be a luncheon/tea hour immediately following the ceremony. This will be on the back patio of the house:
The guests have full access to all of the gardens at the arboretum. We're going to give a few hours for everyone to explore the beautiful gardens!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holy Flying Flips, Batman!

Holy shnike is all I can say about Yuval's workshops this weekend! Every muscle in my body aches. And we still have one more day. I'm a little scared because today's classes are the ones that send us flying in the air. His dips class made me scream, and that was with both feet on the floor! Agh! I'm going to try to get a video of me doing the stuff we learned this weekend, so everyone can actually see me dance (I know, the moment we've all been waiting for...)

Before the classes start this afternoon, I am meeting with our wedding photographer to finally book her. I'll be glad to get this off the checklist and finally have dates for some important shoots. I'd like to do our engagement photos in downtown Kent, but I know that the weather probably won't cooperate this time of year. I'm thinking maybe a good alternative would be an old dance hall that Daryl and I go to; there are a lot of photo ops there. I was also thinking of someplace like the Botanical Gardens, but I know that they charge a per-hour fee to do photography there. I definitely want to do a trash the dress shoot by the river in the snow. I love artsy photography, and photos that I've seen of 'trash the dress' are awesome. Don't worry, the dress doesn't usually get trashed beyond salvageability. It can usually be cleaned. I'm not planning on keeping either of my dresses anyway- and who cares if my first wedding gown gets tromped in the mud, submerged in freezing water, and lit on fire (okay, no fire involved) Here is a website with some examples