Tuesday, May 29, 2007



Monday, May 14, 2007


This is Paddington! He arrived last night around midnight, and already I'm in love! I can tell he misses his litter mates, but he loves all of the attention he is getting here. Today he spent the day meeting people in his new family! He and Noah simply adore each other, and were getting into quite a bit of trouble together. He loves playing with his small-sized tennis balls (they squeak, which I think is the major attraction) and his "muppet" which was a $1 impulse buy at petsmart. No one knows what it is, but it looks like something Jim Henson created... some kindof bird with four legs. It was on clearance, and when I go back to get his crate this week I may pick up a few more of these little treasures so that we'll have more when he tears this one apart (which shouldn't be too long) Here are more adorable pictures!

The muppet... any idea wtf it is supposed to be??? It has a big feather on it's butt, too.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Only three full days left until the puppy gets here, and I am scrambling to "puppy proof" his living quarters (my room, and select sections of the house). I am waiting to see the puppy's personality before attaching a permanent name to him, but so far I like Django (pronounced like Jang-oh) Dante, Pippin (it *isn't* gay! Pippin is a hobbit, and my dog is teeny like a hobit!!!) and Paddington (after the teddy bear).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This is the puppy I bought. Isn't he adoooorable...awwww! He is a yorkshire terrier and is estimated to be about five to six pounds full grown! I'm so excited to have a pet again! (I *really* miss my cats!) Even though puppy won't ever be able to fill the place of Amadeus and Misty, I'm sure he will be a perfect second best! He's coming from MO, and won't be here until Sunday the 12th. I'm currently taking suggestions for names.