Saturday, January 19, 2008

The other family rumors are true

I was waiting to make a formal announcement, but because everyone who reads this blog seems to already know, I would like to address some things.

Yes, I am pregnant. I was "keeping it a secret" as many women do, to make sure that everything is working properly before making it known to the world. I've been faced before with the task of telling everyone "Oh, I'm not pregnant anymore" and didn't want to do that again. But since everyone is trying to find out for themselves without asking me, I'm going to kill the rumor mill right now and say yes, it is true. This is the fastest most direct way to resolve the matter as far as I can see.

I am fine. Daryl is fine. The baby, so far, seems to be fine. We have our first ultrasound in about two weeks, and we will be sure then. I would also like to say that the biggest reason Daryl and I are getting married in May is because we want to have children together. Obviously, we are getting married because we love each other, but love has many underlying facets. I love Daryl because he is the perfect partner for me to have throughout life. I never thought that I would be as compatible with someone as I am with Daryl. I don't want to raise a family with anyone but him. If you could see us together, you would understand the truth of this. We are happy to raise a child together, and in my opinion we are more ready for this baby than are couples who have been married for years.

One more rumor that I'm going to kill before it is started (well, I honestly don't know, maybe people are already starting with it): We did NOT get engaged just because of this pregnancy. We were engaged in August. We just found out about the baby in early December. So that's just absurd to think- if we had gotten engaged because of the pregnancy, we would have gotten married right away instead of waiting until I was a blimp floating down the aisle. Our wedding date will be the same, and I'll be about 28 weeks (I'm due mid-august)

I hope that this has calmed any concerns and worries. I hope in the future that my family can come to me directly to deal with any worries that come up.

I'd like to sum this up by quoting one of my favorite people John Lennon, because this was definitely a surprise (you guys think YOU were surprised- this was nowhere in our plans for this year!) and we have to remember that surprises like this are what make life beautiful. So as he put it, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."