Sunday, February 17, 2008

I love Ebay!!!

After a couple months of looking, I "accidentally" found my wedding dress at a thrift store on Ebay!!! I have to say accidentally, because I searched ebay several times for a used wedding gown that would fit my needs (pun intended) The wedding gown I originally had chosen just won't fit over a belly that is 28 weeks pregnant! I found several cheap gowns, that were made in China to doupe the unsuspecting bride to be.... but no decent gowns that would fit over a baby bump.

I gave up looking on ebay for a dress and resigned myself to buying an expensive maternity gown. THEN I was doing a search just for wedding stuff in general (not even a gown) and I came across this gorgeous dress in an ebay thrift store. It was going for $12 when I found it, and the final bid was $32. With shipping, I paid $43.75 for this beautiful gown. The beading and embroidery are stunning, nothing like what I'd expect from an ebay purchase! It's exactly what I want, except that it has no sleeves.

It has a high empire waistline, with a skirt shape that will go nicely over the belly. Also, it is two sizes bigger than my normal size, so there's a little extra fabric. I'll have it fitted a week before the wedding. I wasn't going to post pictures, but what the heck. I love pictures.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The head is to the left (you can see the profile of a face if you look at the detail) and the baby is facing the bottom of the picture. A hand is under the face, and you can see a leg under the body. The heartbeat was 152 (very healthy!) and my due date is August 18th! No visible doodle, so I'm still rooting pink!