Friday, August 29, 2008

Two weeks old

Jonah is two weeks old today! It is hard to imagine what life was like three weeks ago before we had him. It was definitely less sleep deprived, for sure! Sometimes he sleeps well at night, and other times he is up every hour or so. I've come to realize that when Jonah's sleeping, I have three choices: I can try to sleep myself, eat, or check my email. I almost always choose to sleep! (notice showering is not an option...)

He has a belly button! We had to go to the doctor today because it has been bleeding for a whole week. He has grown to 8 lbs 5 oz. I didn't see how long he is, but I should have asked.

Here's one of my favorite pictures! I took it on Wednesday.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jonah is here!

The moment we've all been waiting for! The prince has arrived

Jonah Levi Jensen was born on Friday, August 15th 2008 at 2:25am. He weighed 7 lbs 14.5 oz and is 20 inches long. Labor was 33 hours long with a push time of 2 and a half hours. He was worth every minute of it







Sunday, August 10, 2008

So much for maternal instinct!

So, I thought this baby was definitely a girl. I just had that "instinct." An ultrasound tech proved me (and my instinct)wrong.

Then everyone asked when I thought he'd come. I "just knew" he'd come early. I really thought he'd be born in July.

Yeah right!! 39 weeks, and still no progression into labor. He's going to be stubborn like his mother... Here's a picture of the two of us in all our bellified glory. Yes, my belly button is now an outie:(39 weeks and counting)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New hair cut!

Paddington is getting jealous because the baby is hogging my blog, so I told him I would include him in this post. He got a hair cut this past weekend, and even though it looks kinda funny to me, I'm SO glad to see his eyeballs again!!!

Here he is before his new look:

and here he is right after the groomer!
I think I liked his shaggy look better, but now at least he can see!

Oh, and this is what he thinks of the pilates ball that he recently discovered in our room:

Monday, August 04, 2008


It makes me itch all over to read these ingredients to vaccines. I realize and acknowledge the medical importance of vaccinations, and feel that some of them are in fact necessary for survival against pandemics. However, the materials that are used to make these vaccines seem to be equally harmful at times. It concerns me that many vaccines have become needlessly routine, and even though there is no medical need for them parents are still chided for not having their children receive them. There are recent studies that show no link between the polio vaccine and autism, however the media and medical community are using these most recent studies to sweep other studies under the rug which may show a correlation between vaccinations and MS as well as psycho-social disorders. There are other studies which show links between un-necessary vaccines and auto-immune disorders. Looking at the ingredients to many of these vaccines, it is not surprising as many of our immune systems no longer understand what species we are!

I understand that vaccines for diseases such as polio have saved countless lives, and that it continues to save countless lives. I am not debating the importance of vaccinations. What I disagree with is the materials with which the vaccinations are made, and how often we needlessly subject our children to these chemicals and harmful organic material, for a vaccine against something like rotavirus (a vaccine that was never thoroughly tested, yet administered to infants, and later recalled for its dangerous effects) Yes, rotavirus can be dangerous if the infant is not treated for dehydration. Yes I've dealt with it and seen how nasty it can get. However, I do not see this as a reason to pump "bovine fetal serum" and "potassium monophosphate" into my child just in case he comes into contact with it.

Daryl and I will be declining the hep. B vaccine that we just found out is systematically given to newborns at birth. After doing research, we learned that the vaccine was initially intended for babies who were born to mothers that are carriers of hep. B, and somewhere along the line it became what is referred to as "routine procedure." I KNOW that I do not have hep. B, and if I didn't know it before being prego, I would have found out because that is one of the things they tested me for at my first visit. So I don't think the baby will be exposed to the disease within the first few hours of life, nor do I feel that this is the time to inject him with an antibiotic that he may have a bad reaction to. He has just come into the world, and already we want to bombard his poor little body with foreign matter and chemicals. It just doesn't seem right to do this when he has no need for the vaccine at this time!

On a lighter note, we are still waiting for his arrival! I am getting extremely uncomfortable and tired, and am no longer scared of labor. I think I would shout for joy if I went into labor right after posting this. Everything is ready for you Jonah! Come out to play!