Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jonah's milestones

Jonah will be a year old in less than a month. Right now, I have barricaded the entrance to the living room with the hopes that it will contain him this time. So far, he has discovered how to get through three different barriers between the living room and the rest of our apartment. I set my baby down in the ultra-baby-proof living room, where all of his toys are, leave for a few moments to use the bathroom, and when I come back I find Jonah in the hallway. As I sit here peering over my monitor at the baby zooming around the room, I have to wonder "when did this happen?" It seems like Jonah's mobility came overnight!

I haven't been doing a very good job of blogging about Jonah's major milestones, so here is the rundown post for all of Jonah's developments in mobility!

Soon after we moved to Toledo, Jonah began to roll over. It was pretty sporadic and random at first, but soon after Thanksgiving, rolling was a regular occurance during tummy time

Jonah got to be pretty sufficient at rolling, and if he wanted to get somewhere, he put his mind to it and got there! He would use a combination of rolling and kind of inching along on his belly. By March, he was ready to show us his next milestone: sitting. The family was getting ready to go to Daryl and Dallin's birthday dinner. To put Jonah's shoes and socks on him, I propped him up on a toy, but he proceeded to sit up completely unassisted! Surprise Mommy! Happy Birthday Daddy!
He began to perfect his "army crawl" and became less reliant on rolling as a means of transportation. In May, just after Mother's Day, I went into Jonah's bedroom to check on him during nap. This is what I found:
Jonah, on his hands and knees. Throughout May, we encouraged him to move forward, but he would just collapse back into an army crawl. Then, in Mid-June, Daryl and I left Jonah with his grandparents overnight for the first time. When we had left, Jonah had been showing interest in crawling, but wasn't quite making it. When we returned, Jonah was able to crawl full-fledged.Early this month, he began to pull up onto furniture on his own. While he isn't cruising any distances yet, he has managed to get from the corner of the couch to the corner of the ottoman. He has also just recently learned how to get down from standing up.

All in all, it has been incredible to watch my little guy learn to get around. At the same time, he has definitely been keeping us on our toes in the baby-proofing department!